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Our Customers Share their Sparkle Stories....
סיפורי זהר



“Ooh awesome... I love it ...I am with my friend now and  we are both obsessed” 


"We had an amazing activity at the Dan Boutique Hotel yesterday.  Thank you Penny Thau for donating your project and time to us, with such patience and generosity.  Everyone loved making your Israel Unity Charm Bracelets. "

ready set sem pic.jpg


מרגש אותי לשים את הצמיד על היד "

עם כל הסמלים שהם חלק מהסמלים של עם ישראל.  גורם לצמרמורת.  מכמם אותי" 

(loosely translated : The charm bracelet...warms my heart and gives me goosebumps.” 


“Last week kibbutz Sasa was honored to [host IUCB workshops]. “ The jewelry workshops were so successful that a group of mums asked to do a mum/child workshop in the addition to the planned times and had an amazing turnout...We the families often feel we are in a daily struggle as life continues elsewhere and these little breaks and encounters lift our spirits and truly mean so much.  My 2 year old and I have worn our ‘bracelets of Energy ‘ [צמידי כוח] everyday so far...thank you.”

grand court from kiryat shmonah


“Penny,  the girls really had  great time.  They were actually able to have fun...relax, enjoy being with each other, doing something fun together.  It really meant a lot.” 


"Thank you again for your wonderful bracelet project and the time you spent with rina and me.  It was a perfect intro into Israel for her... project.  It made a huge impression on Rina.  we both wore our bracelets to thev bar mitzvah...keep up the good work."

IMG_4839 (1).jpg
3 for parties_edited.jpg


“My little granddaughter Aimee adores her bracelet and has worn it since they made it.   

It was such a lovely activity for the evacuated.”


"The best purchase I've made since the war began! Gives me much pleasure when I wear it."

new evac 3_edited.jpg


"I wear my bracelet every single day!!! It is so beautiful!! Reading the charms
brings me a lot of chizuk ♥"


"The little girls made their bracelets and loved them and I wore mine.  You're the best."

8 for supporting_edited.jpg
IMG_4839 (1).jpg


Love the bracelet! So cute and comfy & brings me so much chizuk every time I look
at it! Am Yisrael chai!

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