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@READY.SET.SEM on Instagram endorses the IUCB

Today we had the pleasure of meeting @israel_charm_braceletsThere are so many beautiful Israeli jewelry items- necklaces, rings, etc. we finally found a bracelet that touched our hearts ❤️


@israel_charm_bracelets put so much thought and effort into every charm on this stunning silver bracelet:The heart ❤️The smile 😊 with ״ מי שמאמין לא מפחד״The Magen David with ״ עם ישראל חי״The map of IsraelThe @idf logo with “״בע״ה ביחד ננצחThe Israeli flagAnd the חרבות בברזל logo with ״ יבואו ימים טובים״These charms each mean something different and something special, and to wear it here in Israel means something tremendously meaningful.


@israel_charm_bracelets allows you to purchase your bracelet ready made or you can diy your bracelet, and they ship both within Israel and worldwide!

ready set sem pic.jpg


Shout out from @mylandmyhomeisrael

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